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          Notebook - Ionic Realtime app

          Notebook app build with Ionic V-5
          Vendor: Batin Alsouk

          Payment: You need to buy this product as Cash on Delivery option. After the successfull order you will receive a confirmation emali and payment link details. When you made payment then go to your order details page and you can found there download link. 

          This is a notebook type app, Here you can set your schedule, task.
          There are different types of Categories to keeping your notes, favourite quote, your daily lifestyle and lots of things.
          and you can keep your favorite photos choose from gallery.
          And it also has the function of offline notes

          This is a real-time application, Firebase is used in the backend.

          Total of 35 Screens

          1. Login
          2. Register
          3. Forgot password
          4. Dashboard
          5. Schedule List
          6. Add Schedule, Edit, Details.
          8. Add Quotes Edit, Details.
          9. My Stroy
          10. Add Quotes Edit, Details.
          11. Religious
          12. Add Religious, Edit, Details.
          13. Slider
          14. Add Quotes Edit, Details.
          15. Settings
          16. Rough Copy
          17. Add Quotes Edit, Details.
          18. Gallery
          19. Notepad

          Note: If you need any minor changes or breaking app then please contact at info@templatehang.com or Contact Us form for prompt help.

          Environment Details which used to developed and Tested

          Ionic Version: 5.0
          Angular Version: V5
          Tested: Android and iOS


          Playstore:   Link
          AppStore:   Not Aavailable 

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