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          Water Supply - Ionic Template

          Water Supply ionic starter template & theme build with Ionic V5
          Vendor: Batin Alsouk

          Payment: You need to buy this product as Cash on Delivery option. After the successfull order you will receive a confirmation emali and payment link details. When you made payment then go to your order details page and you can found there download link. 

          This is a water supply service type app, Any user can order a bottle of water from a nearby retailer by using this app.
          For now this is just a template, If you want a backend, you can contact us.

          Template build with ionic latest version 5.0 and ensure application coding quality.

          Following pages are included:

          Total 15+ Screens

          1. Login
          2. OTP
          3. Register
          4. Dashboard
          5. Quick Refill
          6. Bulk Order
          7. Regular water
          8. Create a new order
          9. Address
          10. Change address
          11. Review
          12. Thank you
          13. Profile
          14. Order list
          15. Contact us
          16. AboutUs

          Note: If you need any minor changes or breaking app then please contact at info@templatehang.com or Contact Us form for prompt help.

          Environment Details which used to developed and Tested

          Ionic: V4.0
          Angular: V5
          Tested: Android and iOS


          Playstore:   Link
          AppStore:   Not Aavailable 

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